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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Party 2011

Last night my friend Melissa had a Halloween Party! It was so much fun! All the kids had a blast! She had some really good food and every detail was so cute! She had a photo booth, a tattoo parlor, a coloring station & a balloon toss! Although the kids loved all of that I think they enjoyed pulling out all of Mason's toys even!! Thank you Melissa for inviting us, we had such a good time!!

Trunk or Treat at FUMC

Wednesday night we went to DD's school for trunk or treat! The weather was perfect & the kids had so much fun!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2011

Today my sister, Maddie, DD & me went to the Pumpkin Patch! It was fun but very exhausting!! Dylan loved the inflatables & the horse ride! Maddie loved the hayride! Quinn & I have a tradition every year where we take the kids, I can't wait till next year so Little Miss Brinley can go!! I love making memories with my family, today was such a good day!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Baby girl scared me today!!

So today I got the scare of my life! I am now 18 weeks and I started bleeding at work. I called the dr. and they asked me to come in. I was so scared & upset and all I could do was cry & pray. I prayed that my sweet baby girl would be ok! I had to have another ultrasound and this is why I am posting more pics. They said Brinley looked good and they really couldn't explain why it happened. I am just so thankful that my baby girl is ok, God is good!

A night out with my sister!

One of my good friends Alicia got married Friday night and I invited my sister to go with me! It was the most beautiful wedding! It was at Workplay and it was amazing! The music, the decor, the entertainment & especially the dessert were all perfect!! It was such a fun night, I am so glad I got to enjoy it with my sister & friends!

Proud big brother!

Dylan is so excited about his baby sister!! Hearing him say her sweet name just makes my heart melt!! He tells me that he will help change her diapers just not the stinky!! I can't wait to see him with her once she gets here!! I love my babies:)

It's a girl!!

On October 14, 2011 my sister & I went to find out what this precious baby is that is growing inside me! The whole time I have felt it was a girl and everyone else has felt that way too! Well, we were right...It's a girl!!! Even though I drank a whole mountain dew like they told me to she was very modest and wasn't moving very much, it took a little while but we finally figured out it was a little girl!! We got to see her arm and her sweet profile and her feet!! Her name will be Brinley Quinn and we are all so excited to meet her!!

Officer Dylan:)

My friend Anna bought him a police costume b/c that is his favorite thing in the whole wide world! Well, once he put it on he wouldn't take it off! I had fun snapping pics of him! He even drove Maddie around and told her he was Officer DD:)

A day at the park:)

These are a few pics from our day at the park! We went for a picnic and it was such a beautiful day! I love my family so much!

16 weeks:)

These are some pics DD took of me, he was so proud of himself:) Although I was nauseated up until about 14 weeks I am feeling great now! Things are moving along and I am growing...I have gained 14lbs weighing in at 124lbs!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Grady's 3rd birthday party!

Last night we went to Grady's b'day party and it was a blast! There was a campfire theme and it was all decorated so cute!! They had hotdogs, smores and even a campfire! The weather was perfect! We all had the best time! Happy 3rd Birthday Grady!