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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Booger's 4th birthday party!

Today we celebrated Booger's 4th birthday! We had such a good time and a lot of his friends and family were there! Although he loves trains, he wanted a pirate theme this year! It was so cute! I LOVE the cake! Heather does all of our cakes, she always does such a great job!! It was really good too! Booger loved everybody singing to him and he got lots of great presents! It was a great day! Happy Birthday Booger, we love you!

Family photo shoot

I took some pics of this precious family this weekend! The kids had a great time and I had fun taking their pics! I am so thankful to be given this opportunity of capturing memorable moments! Thank you to the "N" family for letting me be the one to take their precious pictures!

Our silly monkey!

Dylan cracked me up this morning! First, he sat in his chair and said, "Cheese"! It was hilarious! He wanted me to take some pics of him looking cute I! Then, I was cooking lunch and gave Dylan some washable markers to color with and the next thing I knew he said, "Mama...look" and he had drawn all over his stomach! I took some pics and I asked him to show me and that is why he belly is poking out in one of the pics! He is so funny, I love him so much!

Sweet boys!

Yesterday the boys were watching Spongebob and Booger said, "Allison, take a picture of us", it was so cute! So, I did! It didn't last long, but they were being sweet boys when I snapped these pics! I love these little stinkers!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

~Sweet Maddie~

I just love this picture!

Fun pics!

These are some pics I have taken here and there in the last week! The other day I sat Dylan's piggy bank in front of him and let him put a lot of change in it, he thought he was so big! Dylan loves to put on Mommy's shoes and walk around in them, it is so cute! I love the picture of him wearing my sunglasses and eating his popsicle! He is so funny! Dylan loves helping MiMi and he figured out that he can cut on and hold her leaf blower! He gets so excited!! This little boy keeps us so entertained! We love him so much!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Booger Bear's 4 year pics!!

I recently took my nephew's 4 year pics on Morris Avenue! We had the best time! He LOVES trains, so he was really excited to see them! Jodie & I had so much fun posing him, he looks so grown in some of these shots! I even got some of Mommy & Joseph! She is such a great sister-in-law, we had so much fun! It's hard to believe Booger is already 4 years old! It seems like yesterday I went to see them in the hospital!! I am so proud to have such a sweet nephew, I love my little Booger bear so much!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Family photo shoot

I really enjoyed taking pictures of The Brown Family! Their baby boy is such a little angel! We had such a good time and the weather could not have been more perfect! I think Jarrett enjoyed it too! It's hard to believe this little guy is already 6 months old! Just 2 days younger than my precious niece, Maddie! I enjoyed spending time with them and can't wait til next time!

Family photo shoot

I really enjoyed taking The Hardin Family's pictures, we had a great time! Their little boy is so precious! Luke had so much fun running around, it was easy for me to get some shots of him smiling and laughing! I hope to get together again with this sweet family!

Enjoying the day!

I decided to put Dylan in his precious cow outfit and get a few pics! I love this outfit! Dylan had been outside all day playing, so he didn't mind saying 'cheese' for me! He cracks me up! We have enjoyed this beautiful weather and can't wait for Fall!

Sweetie pie!

I just had to snap some pics of Maddie b/c she looked so cute in her yellow! I got to spend a little time with her at MiMi's this weekend and I just ate her up! I love those chunky legs! She is the sweetest thing, I love her so much!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Singing our ABC's

We took this video a couple of weeks ago of Dylan & me singing our ABC's and counting to 5! Dylan can sing them by himself now and can count to 10! I have tried several times to get him to do it for me on video, but he will not do it for me! I will keep trying and hope to get another one soon! I am so proud of my baby boy!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Loves his new blocks!!

Dylan & I went to WalMart this evening and I bought Dylan some new blocks! He got so excited, he couldn't wait to open them up! He enjoyed looking at all the different things on the blocks! They have ABC's, 123's, animals & lots of other things on them! He could have played with them all night! As you can see, he was really into it!! He would stack them all up and knock them down! After he was done, he would say..."Dat wuz fun"! It was so cute!! I love seeing my baby boy smile!!

Walking in Daddy's shoes!!

I walked in the room the other day and Dylan had on Jeremy's hunting boots! It was hilarious! It was even funnier watching him try to walk in them!! His legs aren't quite long!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Dylan

My baby boy is getting so big!! It is funny that when Mommy gets her camera out, he says, "Cheese" and poses for me! Although, I did have to bribe him with candy on one of these pics! He is such a little stinker! I love him so much!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Maddie & Mommy at Botanical Gardens!!

Today I took Maddie & Quinn to Botanical Gardens to get some more of her 6 month pictures!! I wanted to get some of Maddie & Mommy too! I think they turned out so cute!! I enjoyed spending time with them! My friend let me use some of her props and I think they made some of the cutest pics...thanks Melissa!! We had so much fun, I love my girls so much!!