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Friday, May 28, 2010

~Little Miss Maddie G~

These are some pic Quinn took of Maddie and I think they are so cute!! I put my touch on them and loved both the color and b&w one so I had to share! Love this little stinker and those pigtails!! She makes me heart smile:)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Baby gift

This is a canvas I made for a friend:) She needed a gift for a baby shower so she asked me to make something! I didn't mind one bit b/c I LOVE doing crafts!! I thought it turned out so cute! The pic isn't the best b/c I took it with my phone but at least you can see it!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Quinn's 30th birthday!

Today we celebrated Quinn's 30th birthday at her favorite restaurant the Olive was so good! Her birthday is actually next week but we will be at the beach so we wanted to go ahead and celebrate it! We all had such a good time, I love my family so much! Happy Birthday Quinner, you are my best friend and I could not ask for a better sister! I hate I won't be here on your birthday but you know DD will want to call his Aunt Quinn and sing Happy Birthday! I love you SOOO much!

Family reunion

Yesterday we went to a family reunion on my husbands side and we had a great time! There were so many people there! I thought it was so neat b/c there was a pretty lady named Susie that came in that is Jeremy's cousin. She looked just like Gretchen Wilson! I heard someone yell "Redneck Woman" when she walked in and she really is a country girl! I told her I had to have a pic to show everyone how much she looks like her, she was so nice! Anyway, Dylan had a blast swinging and playing outside but his favorite part was the train that rode by several times! Good food and good times! It was a fun day with my family!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fun times

Today we went over to Aunt Quinn & Uncle Brad's house to work on Brad's tractor! DD could not wait to see the tractor and got all up in it when they started working on it! Uncle Brad took DD & Maddie Grace for a ride! They love it! Then, Maddie Grace got in her cozy coupe and they had fun playing together!! I have been wanting to put Maddie's hair in pigtails but she won't let you mess with it for long! So, I just put one of her bows in the side of her hair and Quinn got the other one! I thought she looked so stinkin cute!! We had a great time! I love them so much!!

DD & MG watching a movie

I thought this was so cute!! Friday after we home from the zoo we went to MiMi's. The kids got in MiMi's chair and started watching Toy Story! It was so cute!! I love these lil stinkers!

DD loves coffee!!

This is a pic I took of DD drinking my coffee! There was a little left and he asked me if he could have it! Every now and then he will want some and when he does he will drink it all!! It just cracks me up that he likes it, but my Mama says I did too! Silly boy!

Fun day at MiMi's!!

Yesterday we all went to MiMi's to get some sun!! DD played in the whale pool but MG wasn't liking it too much!! She had fun walking all around the yard! It was such a great day! We had fun, I love my family so much!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

~1st zoo trip~

Ready to go

Train ride

We all loved looking at the animals

Having fun

Dylan's favorite were all the monkeys

Fun times

They all had fun

DD & Kyleigh

DD checkin things out

He loved the zoo

Cooling off

We all had a blast!!

Yesterday Quinn, Maddie Grace, Cathy, Kyleigh, Christie, Kyndle & Dylan & me all went to the zoo! It was everyones first time to go and we had a great time!! It was really hot and crowded but we so much fun! Dylan always watches Barney at the zoo so he kinda knew what to expect! He loved the monkeys the most but enjoyed looking at all of it! Of course his all time favorite was the train ride!! I think we all liked that part! He also like the Children's zoo. He rode thew carousel and played in the water sprinklers! It was such a fun day, I am so glad all of us got to share it together!! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My country boy

So every morning I pass this field near our house when I take Dylan to daycare. It is so pretty and I always think about how pretty it would be to get pics in! It took awhile but I finally got some pics! We were there a total of five minutes! Dylan wasn't really feeling it and I was hot and ready to get home so I just snapped a few but I thought they turned out so cute!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Today we went to Botanical Gardens to snap some pics! It didn't go as good as I had hoped it would! It was perfect weather but my little man was not having pics at all! I am shocked I even got one! Needless to say, I didn't even get half of what I wanted to, oh well that is what happens when you have a 3 year old!! We don't have a bunch of good pics of MiMi and us with the kids so we decided to spend Mother's Day taking pics! That didn't last too long then we went to my house and ate a great lunch! It was a great day with my family! Quinn & I have the best Mama in the whole world! She means the world to us! We love you MiMi! I am also very thankful to be a Mama to a precious baby boy! I love you DD!! God has truly blessed our family! Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers I know!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fun at MiMi's

After the park we went to eat and then we went to MiMi's! We walked around and took some pics, I think they turned out so cute!! Today was such a pretty day, I love it!!

Fun day at the park

So, today Quinn & I wanted to take the kids to the park! It was such a perfect day! MiMi met us there too! We even saw an old friend that Quinn & I used to hang out with in school, it was so good to see her! We got to meet 3 of her 4 kids and they are precious!! It was such a fun day, we all had a blast!