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Friday, February 26, 2010

My poor DD:(

I had to go pick up Dylan from school earlier than expected b/c he jammed his finger! The daycare called me and told me that he was running and tripped and his finger slid across the floor and he jammed it in the process. His finger immediately started swelling and was really red and his fingernail turned blue!! They took really good care of my baby until I got there. They put ice on it and gave him some candy:) It just broke my heart! I took Dylan to the local pharmacy and let them look at it and they said it was indeed jammed and that the skin on top is dead where the blister is. The skin and fingernail will probably come off. He said all I could really do is give him Tylenol or Motrin for the pain and that is just what I did! I also gave him some Fun dip and lots and lots of TLC!! It's funny how candy always makes things better:) He is playing with his monster trucks as we speak! It broke my heart but it amazes me how tough he is!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jarrett's 1st birthday party

On Valentine's Day we went to celebrate Jarrett's 1st birthday! It is so hard to believe he is already a year old! We had a great time! Dylan had a blast chasing his friend Sophie around! By the end of the day they were holding hand! WOW! It's starting early! Jarrett got so many nice things! It was a fun day with friends! Happy 1st Birthday Jarrett, we love you!

Happy Valentine's Day

We started off the day by going to church and Dylan made so many cute crafts! Then, we went to Jarrett's 1st birthday party! We had a good time! This year we didn't do very much for Valentine's Day but I tried to think of something that I could get Dylan that he would love! I didn't have to think very hard b/c I knew he would love another monster truck and that is just what he got! We also got him some candy a stuffed animal, some other coloring stuff and some balloons! This is the best picture I could get even though he didn't have everything he got next to him! He wasn't moving and wanted me to take a picture of his truck and him so that is just what I did! We ended the night by going to the Valentine's Day party at church and it was SO much fun! I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine's Day!

Kyndle's 1st birthday party

Details, details...

Friends & Family

Singing Happy Birthday

Opening gifts

Saturday Dylan & I went to Kyndle's 1st birthday party! Everything was great! We had a really good time! Kyndle got so many nice things, she is such a blessed little girl! Although Christie & I have only been friends for a short time, it is still hard to believe that Kyndle is already a year old! Kyndle was born one week after Maddie Grace and Maddie Grace's birthday (2.10.10) was Kyndle's original due date! Funny how things work out like that! Happy 1st Birthday Kyndle Faith!! We love you!

Snow Day 2.12.10

I love my family!

We had fun

All the kids

The view from our back deck

Attempting to build a snowman

Jodie & Jeremy having a snowball fight

I was so excited to get off of work early so I could enjoy the snow with my family! We all got outside and had a good time! Jeremy & all the kids tried to make us a snowman but it kept falling apart! Oh well, they had fun trying! The best part was watching Jeremy & my sister-in-law have a snowball fight...they do this every time it snows! It was hilarious! Dylan still isn't crazy about the snow but my nephew loved it this year and was running around hitting everybody with snowballs! The day would not be complete without fixing some snow ice cream and it was yummy!! After all the fun we came in and relaxed by the fire...nothing better than that! I hope everyone enjoyed their snow day too!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

DD's 3 year appt

Yesterday I took Dylan for his 3 year appointment and with all that has been going on with I was thankful that he wasn't going to have to get any shots! Dr. Hale said everything looked good and he was very healthy. He is 36 1/2 inches tall and weighs 30.6 lbs. I am sure he lost at least a couple of lbs since he has been sick. Dr. Hale said he has grown 4 inches in a year which he was very impressed with! My baby is getting so big! As Dr. Hale started going through his chart he realized that Dylan had not had one of his shots that their was a shortage of from his 15 month and 2 year shot. So, guess poor buddy had to have a shot and it was pitiful! It's one thing when you're baby is too little to know it's coming or even what it is but when they are 3 they know. He said, "What is her doin?" and I told him that she was giving him something to keep him from getting sick. When she stuck him he started crying and said, "Mama, her hurt me!" It just broke my heart! But he got better after she gave him a sucker and sticker! He showed everybody his boo-boo for the rest of the day! He is getting so big...I am so ready for another one:) Maybe someone can talk my husband into us having another one b/c I am not having any luck!!

~Happy 1st Birthday Maddie Grace~

Yesterday was Maddie Grace's 1st birthday! We went to visit her after Dylan's doctors appt and I took a few pictures of the birthday girl! She was so sweet! It is hard to believe she is already one!! It seems like yesterday I was holding her for the first time! She is the sweetest baby and we have all been so blessed to have her in our lives! I love that Dylan & Maddie are so close and that they will grow up together! She is walking a few steps at a time but she isn't completely walking yet! I told Quinn she doesn't want to rush it! When you tell her "Hey" or "Bye bye" she will wave the sweetest Miss America wave, it the cutest thing! Last night we went to MiMi's for dinner and Quinn made a pie for Maddie and lit her "1" candle and sang Happy Birthday...she just smiled! We love her so much! Happy 1st Birthday Maddie Grace!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Then & Now

I was going through all my pictures today and came across these! I just had to posts collages to show his 1st, 2nd & 3rd birthdays! I got sad looking at these and how much our little DD has grown! We love him so much!

Monday, February 8, 2010

DD & Maddie Grace

These are some pics I took of the kids this weekend! Quinn & I love them being so close! They are both so different, Dylan is such a wild child and full of energy and Maddie Grace is so sweet and calm! They are so sweet, we love them so much!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sweet boy

I was giving Dylan a bath tonight and just had to take a picture of his eyelashes, they are SO long! I just love them! I love my baby boy so much!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Our DD is 3!!

So Wednesday, February 3rd our baby boy turned 3 years old! It is so hard to believe b/c it honestly feels like yesterday I was holding him in my arms for the first time! Dylan Michael has truly been a blessing to us, he is our world! It amazes me that I have conversations with him now. We were on our way to school the other day and he said, " u know dat monkeys eat nanas?" and I said, "Yes baby, they love bananas!" Then he said, "I wearned dat on da tumblebus!" It was the cutest thing! He goes on the Tumblebus once a week at school and each week they have different themes...this week it was Curious George so they teach them things about what theme it is that week along with other things too! Dylan is so smart and I love to watch him learn! He makes my heart smile everyday! We started off the day by putting a candle in a cupcake and singing to him...he loves cupcakes and he loves to sing Happy Birthday so that is just what we did! He licked the candle which is one of the best parts of being a kid...I remember my Mama would always let me lick the icing off the candles:) I took cupcakes to school for his class and MiMi met us up there so she could see the birthday boy! I also got a pic of him with Anna but Dylan calls her Nana! She spoils him rotten and he loves her to pieces! After I got him from school we met our friends Robby & Niki at Applebee's b/c we know how much Dylan loves for them to sing Happy Birthday! When they sang to him he just stared, I think he was a little scared but he enjoyed the sundae they brought him!! The biggest news about Dylan turning 3 is that he is now potty trained...YAY!! He has been potty trained for over a month now and sleeps in big boy underwear...we are SO proud of him!! Thanks to everyone for Dylan's birthday wishes! Happy Birthday Dylan Michael you have made our life complete and we thank God for you everyday! We love you SOOO much!