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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Precious Maddie Grace

These are a few pics I took of Little Miss Priss recently! She is just too cute! I love watching her crossing her feet, she is such a mess!! She has quite a little personality, she always keeps us entertained! I just love that lil stinker!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas with The Muzio's & The Moore's

Yesterday we laid my Nana to rest and although it was tough, we have comfort in knowing she is at peace and she is happy to be reunited with her loved ones including her husband and son. After the funeral, we all went to my half sisters house to be with our family. We were mourning my Nana's death but we were also celebrating the birth of Jesus and enjoying each other's company. We ate some great food, exchanged gifts and just enjoyed being together. Thank you Jesus for my family, I am so blessed!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas with my family

I love my family!

DD's new kitchen

Maddie's new 4wheeler from her Uncle Chad

Maddie's gift from us

MG's new 4wheeler from PawPaw

This evening Jeremy, Dylan & me got together with MiMi, Aunt Quinn, Maddie, Uncle Brad, Mike & Chad for Christmas! Brad smoked some turkey and ribs on the new smoker him & Quinn just got...they were SO good! Of course MiMi cooked some really good stuff to go with it...hashbrown casserole and a corn & yellow rice casserole! Quinn made her famous green beans, rolls, brownies and haystacks, the food was great! Then, we gave the kids all their gifts! We got Maddie a point & go book, crayons, a zhu zhu pet and an art easel! She plays with Dylan's every time she comes to my house so I decided to get her one that was pink, blue & purple!! She also got 2 4wheelers! She will keep one at her house and one at MiMi's!! We are so blessed to have such a wonderful family, I love them SO much!

My in-laws

I just had to take some pics of my in-laws and their home this morning. I took the pic of their house off of our back porch, it's so beautiful!

It's snowing...

So, today we woke up to it snowing again and this time there was a lot of it! We all got up and got ready and went outside to enjoy it! I was excited about taking pics! I got some great shots! Dylan was so excited and loved riding his police car! We had fun and after that we went to get a Starbuck's to warm up, it was so good! Today we will be getting together with my family for Christmas and I am really excited!! Pics to come later...

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Loving his police car...

Although it was snowing outside and it was wet and yucky we had to let Dylan drive his new police car! He thought he was big stuff, he took off all over the yard! I have to say it is pretty nice and he loves it!

Santa was here...

Dylan had a great Christmas! He got so many nice things! He got what he asked Santa for...a police car & a camera! He got so much other stuff too! The best part is it was snowing today! It was beautiful outside! We went to Jeremy's granny's house to eat and then came home to relax. It's been a great day! Merry Christmas everybody!

Christmas @ Nonnie & Poppie's!

Last night we got together with Nonnie & Poppie and had so much fun! The kids opened presents for what seemed like 30 minutes! We are all so blessed to be able to provide for all the kids like we do, their faces just lit up! It was all worth it! Dylan's favorite toy of all was the BIG pull truck from Nonnie & Poppie! It has been his favorite toy so far! We all had a good time and got so many nice things, we are so blessed!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas @ Grandaddy's

Today we went to Grandaddy's house to celebrate Christmas. We ate some good food and spent time with family. The kids had fun opening their presents and all the boys got Iron Man stuff! They were loving that! Dylan just picked out the same toy for his friend Mims earlier this week! Then, the adults played Dirty Santa! It was fun and Jeremy's parents both got the tacky gifts...underwear! We all had a good time...Merry Christmas everybody!

Christmas Eve

We took these pics this morning before we left for Grandaddy's. Dylan took the pic of Jeremy & me and he was so proud of himself! He is going to love his camera Santa brought him!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Christmas present

He was so excited!

Opening my present

It's a blue butterfly necklace and stud sweet:)

Love him so much!

My sweet boy & me

Love it!

So, tonight Dylan wanted me to open my present that he picked out for me! I thought it was sweet that he was so excited about it! He picked it out all by himself which makes it even more special! I love my baby boy so much!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My precious Nana July 10, 1921-December 22, 2010

Mama, Nana & me 2005

My precious Nana & me

Nana, Daddy & me June 2005

Christmas 2006

Nana & Dylan 2007

Nana's 87th birthday party July 2008

Mama, me, Aunt Mel, Nana & Heather Christmas 2008

Christmas 2009

Opening presents 2009

The last pic I took of my precious Nana...December 2010

My precious Nana went to be with Jesus today at 7:30. She wasn't in any pain and went peacefully. I know she is happy b/c she gets to be with her Mama, Daddy, sister, husband & son. I remember going to my Nana & Grandaddy's house when I was little and going to the garden with my Grandaddy and then coming in to eat some of her good home cookin! Her vegetable soup & cornbread was the best:) Nana, you will be so missed. We love you very much.