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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Enjoying the day!

Loves his sprinkler

My little Van Gogh

Talking to MiMi

So, this morning Dylan & I got an early start! We started by going outside before it got really hot and hooked up his sprinkler to the hosepipe. He got it from his cousin Olivia for his birthday and we have finally gotten to use it! He LOVES it!! Then, when we came in we started on some crafts! He loves painting at daycare, so I let him do whatever he wanted with the paint and paint brushes! He had the best time! Last but not least is some pics of Dylan talking to his MiMi! He loves talking on the phone but especially to his MiMi! He was just walking around like a big boy! It isn't even lunch time yet and he is taking a nap! I guess all the excitement wore him out!

Swimming at MiMi's!!

He LOVES his new whale pool!

Maddie getting in the water!

Having fun at MiMi's!

Yesterday, we went to MiMi's and she had gotten a pool for Dylan! He LOVES it! MiMi and I got in it too! It was so nice to be able to stay outside and enjoy it! Maddie got in the water for the 1st time and she only liked it for a minute b/c it was nap time! I am so glad that MiMi got that pool, we will definitely be using it alot!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sweet cousins!

Look how sweet they are!! I took these today and I love them!! I can't believe how big they are both getting! Dylan loves his cousin Maddie and I know he will always take care of her!

Maddie girl!

These are some pics I took of Maddie today! She is such a little cutie! She has the sweetest smile! I think they turned out so cute!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Growing like a weed

Dylan & Daddy drawing

Having fun

He loves to be outside

Such a big boy

These are some pics I took yesterday after we got home! Dylan LOVES to play outside! It is his favorite thing to do! My baby boy is getting so big! He is a very sweet boy but can definitely hold his own! He loves tractors, trucks, trains, boats, airplanes and horses! He gets so excited when he sees any of them! We see tractors, horses & trucks on the way to daycare and he tells Mommy what they are EVERY day! It is so cute! My little man cracks me up! He's got his own little personality and really is learning so much! He is starting to say his ABC's and will sing his songs and he is talking in sentences too! I can actually carry on somewhat of a conversation with him! The other day a kitty went under my car and Dylan said, "Kitty dat un da ya car Mommy". It took me a minute, but I finally figured out what he was saying. Jeremy & I laugh at him all the time! He cracks us up! He is growing like a weed and I am enjoying every minute of it! We love our little man so much!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Maddie is getting so big!

Such an angel

Maddie love her Daddy!

I love her so much

Loves to watch TV in her bouncer

Sweet girl

Spoiled rotten

She loves her saucer

So, I finally have lots of pics of my precious niece Maddie! She is growing so fast, I just love her to pieces! I have been meaning to update about little Miss Maddie, but it's hard enough keeping up with my little man! Maddie is now 15lbs and growing like a weed! I'm sure that has something to do with the cereal Quinn has been spoon feeding her since she was 2 months old! She has got some chunky legs and smiles and coos all the time! She has already discovered her hands and feet and has two teeth coming in! She is drooling like crazy (I remember those days)! She sleeps about 10 hours on average and even slept for 12 hours the other night. Of course, that is changing a little since she has started teething! I wanted to tell some of her favorite things to do: she loves watching TV, but mostly her Baby Einstein dvd (these are the best dvd's)! She also loves being in her exersaucer! I was holding her last weekend and her legs were locked for over 10 minutes. I told Quinn she was ready for the saucer and sure enough she put her in there and she LOVES it! She also loves her Daddy anytime he looks at her she smiles, it is so sweet! Another one of her favorite things is when Quinn puts her in her stroller and walks her up and down the street, she loves being outside! I went to see Quinn & Maddie the other day on my lunch and I snapped several pictures! I loved getting to see her and she would just look at me with those big blue eyes, it made my heart smile! It was special to see Quinn with her, Maddie loves her Mommy so much! It's hard to believe that Maddie will be 5 months old on July 10th! She is doing more and more each day and I will try to be a better Aunt and update more about my sweet little Maddie!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

We love you Daddy!

Such a special day

Dylan loves his Poppie

So, today we celebrated Father's Day by having my family over to hang out and eat some great food! We also went to see Poppie this evening and gave him his present! Poppie got a kick out of the picture and of the card that Dylan signed! It has been such a special day! Dylan loved giving Jeremy his gifts! Jeremy is such a great Daddy and Dylan loves him so much! It is so heart warming to see them together! He looks up to his Daddy so much! Happy Father's Day Daddy, we love you!

The most precious gift

So, this might not look like much, but it made me cry! This is what Dylan made for his Daddy at daycare and it is so special! I painted the frame and added the ribbon, but daycare put Dylan's footprints on it and framed it! This is what is reads:

"Walk a little slower Daddy" said a child so small, "I'm following in your footsteps and I don't want to fall.

Sometimes your steps are very fast,
Sometimes they're hard to see,
So walk a little slower, Daddy,
For you are leading me.

Someday when I'm all grown up,
You're what I want to be,
Then I will have a little child
Who'll want to follow me.

And I would want to lead just right,
And know that I was true,
So walk a little slower Daddy,
For I must follow you"

I cried again typing it! It really puts being a parent into perspective! This gift meant more to Jeremy than anything! This is for all the Daddy's out there, Happy Father's Day!

Brad's 1st Father's Day!

Today my family came over for Father's Day! It was such a great day! We had fun hanging out and eating some great food! Today was Brad's 1st Father's Day and it is so sweet to see him with his little pride and joy! Maddie has him wrapped! She smiles every time he looks at her, it's so sweet! Happy Father's Day Brad!

Dylan & Maddie

So, I have been meaning to get pics of Dylan & Maddie for such a long time and every time we plan it something happens and we don't take them! Although the ones I took aren't very good, I did get to take some! Quinn will back over soon so we can try again! I really need to get some pics of Maddie! She is growing like a weed and is such a little cutie!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Our fishing trip!

This morning Jeremy & I went fishing together! We have been fishing with some of our friends before but not just the two of us! It was the 1st time I have been in Jeremy's new boat and I love it! Man that thing will fly! We starting fishing at 5:30 and finished at about 10:45. It got hot really fast but it was so peaceful and relaxing! I caught about 6 fish and missed about 8! Jeremy caught several too! My brother-in-law and sister-in-law went too! They were in their boat and they enjoyed the peace and quiet just like we did! We all finished the day by going to Quinn's Landing to eat some good food! It was so nice to have some "Us" time! I love my hubby so much and I can't wait to go back! I think we will take out little man next time!

Dylan loves his Daddy!

These are some pics I took recently of my boys! We gave Daddy an early present for Father's Day! Dylan got him some new fishing lures and we wanted Daddy to have them so he could start using them! Daddy was so surprised and loved them all! I had to put a pic of Dylan & Daddy riding the lawnmower, Dylan LOVES it!! He has to cut grass with Daddy everytime! Last but not least, the other pics of Dylan giving Daddy some stuff he made for him at daycare for Father's Day! It was so sweet! There was one poster that said Daddy's helping hands and it was supposed to be handprints, but it was more like a blob! It was still so sweet though! It made Daddy just light up! I can't wait to celebrate Father's Day tomorrow! Dylan loves his Daddy so much!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Little Miss Kendall!

These are some pics I recently took of Little Miss Kendall! She is such a cutie pie! She goes to Dylan's daycare, but I also know her Mama (we graduated together). I had so much fun taking pics of her and Dylan had fun playing with her after we got finished! She was so funny! Thanks Jaime for letting me take these pics, I had a great time! We will definitely have to plan a day soon so they can play!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Some new pics of my little man

So, since we weren't able to go to Ala Adventure today, I decided to take some pics of Dylan! I dressed him up in his new outfit and took him downstairs to take some pics with my new backdrops and lights! I think once I get my external flash the pics will be a lot better! I still think they turned out cute! It is so hard getting pics of a 2 year old! Especially, when they are hyper like mine! He had just gotten up from a long nap and was running around like crazy! The only way I could get him to look up at me was to get him in the laundry basket, and that is just what I did! It's one of my favorites! I also got one of him in the car that Nonnie & Poppie got him for Christmas! I am going to blow it up and give it to Poppie for Father's Day, I think he will love it! This has been a lazy weekend for me & my boys and although we haven't done much, I have enjoyed spending time with them! I love them so much, they are my world!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dylan's new outfit!

This is another outfit that my friend, Melissa made for Dylan! I LOVE it! I just had to post it to show everyone! It has his initials on the truck, how precious is that? It also has buttons on the tires and the dirt is made out of corduroy...too cute! The quality of the outfit is great! It came from an online store called Monag. On the website the pics don't do the outifts justice. They are very well made and if you wash them and hang them to dry, all you have to do is shake the wrinkles out! Perfect for Moms on the go! The little girls outfits are precious too! I can't wait to order Maddie one! You can also check out Melissa's website on my blog list under My Brother and me! She always does such a great job! Thanks so much Melissa, Dylan loves his "chuck"!

Big boy underwear

Last time I went to WalMart I bought Dylan some big boy underwear! They have Cars on them and he loves them! I put them on him after his bath and he thought he was such a big boy! He is so funny! After about 30 minutes, I put his diaper back on! He is potty training, but it has been a very slow process. He does very well at school b/c he has other kids around that are doing the same thing! At home is a different story! Although it is our job to make sure he goes, it is still really hard! We are working on it and hopefully soon we will be making a lot more progress! Wish us luck!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Our 4 year anniversary!

Today Jeremy & I celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary! I posted some of our wedding pics! I remember our wedding day like it was yesterday! It was such a special day, I could not stop smiling! Today has been such a great day! Jeremy got me the sweetest card, it made me cry! Not only was the wording of the card the most perfect and special card I have ever read, but what he wrote actually made me cry! He put..."Thanks for being such a wonderful wife & mother. I love you very much". How sweet is that? It meant so much to me. We didn't do that much this year b/c we are about to start some more home remodeling. I got Jeremy some clothes and a gift certificate and some candy and a few other things. He is going to get me some equipment for my camera, but I can't decide what I want yet. I really want an external speedlight flash, a tripod and I would also like a new photoshop program. Of course, nothing to do with photography is cheap! So, I am going to think long and hard before I pick what I want! Jeremy is such a great husband and father! We have shared so many wonderful memories together, but the best one of all is having our precious son, Dylan! He has forever changed our lives! I am excited about our future together and I can't wait to make more precious memories with my family! Happy Anniversary baby, I love you so much!