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Friday, October 30, 2009

Dylan & Maddie's Halloween costumes

These are some pics I took of Dylan & Maddie in their Halloween costumes a couple of weeks ago and just now got around to editing them! I think they look SO cute!! A lady that I work with made the skirt for is precious! Dylan looks so grown in his leather jacket with his hair slick back! It depends on how cool it is tomorrow if Maddie will wear the same outfit, Quinn already has her another one! I am excited about Halloween and can't wait to get more pics!! I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

More cute shirts!!

I finally got to meet my friend I have been emailing and blogging with for almost a year now!! I took pictures of her family this weekend! It was so nice to meet her! She is just as sweet as I thought she would be! Her family was precious too! We had the best time!! She brought me a surprise and I am SO excited and can't wait to let Dylan & Maddie wear them! Thank you SO much Melissa! I am still working on their pics, but I will post some of them to my photography blog sometime this week! Hope everyone has a great week!

Sweet pic!

I just love this pic! I took this pic this weekend while Dylan was playing hide and go seek with his cousins. It was his turn to count and he stood at the tree and started counting. It was so sweet b/c he would skip around on his counting, but never looked up to see where they were hiding! I thought it was the most precious pic! I am so glad I had my camera so I could capture this moment!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Enjoying the day!

Yesterday I took lots of pictures of Dylan playing outside!! We had so much fun throwing leaves at eachother and he really loved running down the hill at Nonnie & Poppie's! He had fun throwing his Bama football with his Daddy too! I love moments like these, my family is my world!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fun times

Last night we went to Habaneros and had a blast!! It has been a long time since I have gotten together with everybody and we just laughed and had the best time! There are 3 of them that are pregnant (my sister Quinn, my best friend Laci & Courtney). Of course, I had to get a picture of them! Laci's sister, Shelli has a little boy named Jarrett...he is such a doll! Maddie & Jarret were born very close together and they were so cute! I had to get pics of that too! Dylan loves Habaneros so he was well behaved and ate almost the entire time we were there! It was so good seeing everybody! We definitely need to do it more often!!

Pumpkin carving time!

Earlier this week we carved our pumpkin and we had the best time doing it!! Dylan wasn't so sure of all the ooey gooey stuff on the inside of the pumpkin, but he wanted to help Daddy scoop it out! He helped put on the stencil and loved watching Daddy carve it! He thought he was so big b/c he was helping his Daddy! We were so proud of our looks so good!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cool dude

I LOVE these pics of my baby boy!! I got him some new shoes, leather jacket & toboggan and I just had to put it on him and get some pics! He thought he was so cool! He LOVED his outfit, it is so funny to see a 2 year old get excited about the way they look...precious!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sweet boy

These are some more pics I took of Dylan recently! I love taking pics of him and it is so funny b/c sometimes when he is in the mood for pictures he will say, "Cheese Mommy"! Anytime he says that I know it means he wants me to take his picture!

My silly boy!

The other night Jeremy & I was watching TV and Dylan started walking around the house talking to himself and playing with his trucks! The next thing I know Jeremy said, "Mama look at him". So, I did and this is what I saw. Dylan had his Mr. Potato Head glasses on and his daddy's cowboy hat on! He didn't even know we were watching him! My camera was right behind me on the sofa table, so I started snapping! I thought it was hilarious! Then, he started showing off and acting silly jumping on the couch! These moments are why I am glad I have a camera! We love him so much!

Kristie's baby shower

Saturday my mother-in-law & I went to Kristie's baby shower! We had such a good time! This is Kristie's 2nd baby and she got so many cute things! I have to say my gift was so cute...thanks Melissa! She loved it!! I got baby fever yet again when I got to hold our cousin Cathy's precious twin baby girls...Maggie & Leyla! They are beautiful and although they are twins they don't look that much alike! It was fun seeing everybody!

Mommy & Dylan's crafts

My lil pumpkin

From this...

To this

My favorite

So much fun to decorate

This is a little project I have been wanting to do and I think they turned out SO cute!! Dylan loved helping Mommy paint the pumpkins and his favorite part was his handprint!! I love this time of year and I love doing these types of crafts! The best part is Dylan gets to help me!

Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm going to be an Aunt again...YAY!!!

I found out today that my sister is going to have another baby! I am SO excited!! Little Miss Maddie Grace is now 8 months old and I just can't believe she is going to have a baby brother or sister!! They will be 17 months apart! Quinn & I are 16 months apart, so hopefully they will be really close like we are! Quinn & Brad are excited and she will make her 1st doctors appt. tomorrow! I will update everyone once we find out more details! I am going to be an Aunt again...YAY!!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

~Our little pumpkins~

Today I took some fall pics of Dylan & Maddie! It was such a nice day, so we took them somewhere nearby and had a great time! Dylan just loved on Maddie, it was the sweetest thing! He loves her so much! I can't believe fall is already here and then it will be Christmas time! I can't wait! I am loving this weather! Check out our lil pumpkins!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Cutie pie!

I recently took these pics of my precious baby boy! I asked him to model for me! Of course, I had to bribe him with candy! It works every time! For now!! Not only do I love showing off my little DD, but I also bought this new chair!! I love it! I got it at Hobby Lobby and I would look at it EVERY TIME I walked in! It was on clearance and I just couldn't pay what they were asking! I went back a couple weeks later and they had marked it down again! So, this time I had to get it! I love props and boy is Hobby Lobby the place for them!!

Sweet boy!

These are some pics I took of Dylan playing on our bed the other night! Every night he loves to get on Mama & Daddy's bed and jump and play! It wears him out everytime!