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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Silly boy!

Tonight before Dylan went to sleep, I took some pics of him and he was being so silly! He kept saying, "Cheese"! It was so cute! I love taking pictures of my little man! He is so precious to us, we love him so much!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nylon hairbows

A friend of mine makes these nylon headbands and I think they are so cute! I had to buy some for Maddie's Easter basket! I wanted to share them with everybody in case somebody might be interested in buying some! I can't wait to take pics of our sweet little Maddie in her new hairbows!

My sweet boy!

This is Dylan playing with Mommy's necklace and he was being so cute! I just had to grab the camera and take a picture! He is such a blessing to us and always puts a smile on our face! I love my little man so much!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Maddie is 2 weeks old!

I can't believe Maddie is already 2 weeks old! I was off yesterday and got to spend some time with Quinn & Maddie! I wish I got to see them more, but Dylan has been sick with a cold, so I don't want us around sweet little Maddie! I remember how paranoid I was when Dylan was that young! We are so blessed to have her in our lives, we love her so much!

Some new pics!

These are some pics from this weekend! Dylan & me went to see baby Jarrett! He is so precious!! Dylan kept rubbing his head, it was so sweet! Laci had Dylan a present b/c she didn't get to come to his party! He loved the stuff she got him, especially the car! We had fun spending time with everybody!

Peyton's 2nd birthday party!

Happy Birthday Peyton!

Dylan eating some cake!

Opening some gifts

Sunday we all went to Peyton's birthday party! Dylan & Peyton are almost 3 weeks apart! We enjoyed seeing everybody and all the kids had a great time! Peyton got SO much stuff! I don't know where they will put it all! It was a great day! Happy Birthday Peyton! We love you!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dylan singing & dancing!

Dylan watching Toddler Tunes!

This is Dylan watching his favorite dvd, Toddler Tunes! He just cracks us up, I could sit and watch him all day long! He is so funny! Since we have put a TV in his room, he could stay in there all the time! He watches this video over and over again! It has so many cute songs on it! They are made by Cedarmont Kids and they have a lot of different kinds! They are really reasonable and I would suggest them to everybody! They teach them and are real kids singing and doing a lot of fun things! It is so cute to see Dylan sing and dance along with them! I will be buying many more of these soon!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Dylan trying to open his sucker

Our precious angel

My gift from my sweet hubby

Dylan's gift from MiMi

Dylan's gift from Mommy & Daddy

We had a great V-day!

This Valentine's Day has been one of the best ever! Jeremy & I celebrated it last night. MiMi kept Dylan for us and we enjoyed a date with just the two of us! It was great, I took Jeremy to P.F. Changs b/c I knew he had never been and it's one of my favorite places! He LOVED it! I am so glad that I had made reservations a couple of weeks ago, b/c it was packed! We only had to wait 15 minutes and the service and food was great! I am so glad he enjoyed it, it was so nice spending time with him! I also ordered his favorite cookies from Cheryl & Co, I think that was his favorite part! When I got home from work, he had my favorite color roses in a vase and a balloon and the sweetest card! I was so surprised! I love him so much! Dylan had a great V-day too! His daddy got him a balloon and I put together a little goodie basket for him! He got a dvd player for the car from MiMi with some other goodies too! Then, Nonnie & Poppie got him some stuff too! He also got a lot of stuff from daycare! It was almost like Christmas! Of course, Dylan's favorite part was the big sucker! It has been such a great weekend! I love my family so much! I hope everybody had a good Valentine's Day too!!

Maddie's 1st Valentine's Day!


One of the gifts MiMi gave her

The dress I had made for her

The soft pillow I got for her

This is Maddie's 1st Valentine's Day! Mama & me went to spend some time with The Coleman Family today! We cooked lunch for them and gave Maddie all her gifts! Quinn loved all of them! Maddie was so sweet! She slept most of the time, but woke up before we left! Brad put her on her stomach and she scooted down the couch and was lifting her head up, it is amazing how strong she is! She is such a blessing to us, we love her so much!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Maddie's pillowcase dress

Ok, I had to post this pic! A lady that I work with made it for me! I am going to take some newborn pictures with Maddie in her dress I bought her from Strasburg! But, I got Sandy to make this one for for Maddie's 3 month pictures that I am going to take! I just love it! She stitched the "M" and roses by hand! She even made a blanket to go with it! I can't wait to show Quinn, its Maddie's Valentine's Day present from her Aunt Allison! This is so much fun!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Our precious Maddie!

~Sweet girl~

~Mommy & Maddie~

~The canvas I made for Maddie's room~

~Quinn & her nurse, Lindsay~

~She is so beautiful~

~Love at first sight~

~Such an angel~

~Our good friend Laci with Maddie~

~Decoration on the door~

Today, Mama & me went to spend the day with Quinn and Maddie! We gave Brad a little break! The photographer came in to take Maddie's pictures for the web nursery and they turned out so cute! I had to take a few of my own, imagine that!! Quinn's nurse, Lindsay is the best nurse ever! She was my nurse when I had Dylan! She has helped Quinn so much! We had a great day and I really enjoyed spending time with our precious little Maddie and my sweet sister too! I love them so much!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Madelyn Grace is here!!

Well, she is finally here!! Madelyn Grace Coleman arrived at 11:36 this morning and weighed 7lbs 8oz 21 1/2 in long! Quinn was admitted last night at 8:00 and they gave her cervidil and this morning at 5:00 they gave her pitocin. I called at 7:30 this morning and she was dilated 2 cm, and I could hear her screaming in pain in the background, it upset me so bad to hear my sister like that! I called 30 minutes later when I was on my way and she had dilated to 4 cm. When I got there she had already dilated to 7 cm! They gave Quinn an epidural, but it didn't work! So, they had to give her another one! Quinn was in natural labor until 7 cm, that's when her epidural finally kicked in! Over an hour later, she had dilated to 10 cm! Although, it went pretty fast, she still had not had any sleep from the night before! She pushed for an hour and 16 minutes!! When we finally got to see them, as soon as I saw Quinn we both started crying! It was so emotional! Then, I looked at Brad and he was pretty emotional too! Becoming parents is the most overwhelming and wonderful experience! We are so glad that everything went good and are so happy to finally meet our sweet little Maddie! We love her so much!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Playing with Cousin Olivia

Today we went to spend time with MiMi & Aunt Quinn! We walked and played in the yard and Dylan rode his motorcycle! It was so much fun! Then, when we got home Sissy & Olivia were at NikNak's, so we walked over! It was so funny watching these two! Olivia is younger than Dylan and she is so much bigger! She is so funny! They enjoyed looking at bugs and playing with the dogs and the bears! They laughed the whole time they played! We have enjoyed this weekend so much, I can't wait til Spring!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dylan loves to be outside!!

Today it was so beautiful and we took full advantage! Dylan played outside almost all day today, he LOVES it!! MiMi kept him for me for a little while and he played outside at her house the whole time, then he took a 3 hour baby was pooped!! Then, we came home and he rode his motorcycle (as he calls it) over to Nonnie & Poppie's house and played with Copper (My nieces and nephews new puppy)! He had so much fun today, I can't wait til we have warm weather all the time!!

Sips n Strokes

Last night a bunch of us went to Sips n Strokes, we had a blast!! It was my first time to go and I loved it!! I also went to Sekisui with LeAnn and Lori before Sips n Strokes and tried sushi for the first time! I have to admit, it was pretty good! Although my painting wasn't the best, I thought it turned out pretty good! My Mama liked it so much that I gave it to her! We had such a fun night! I can't wait to go back!