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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sips 'n Strokes

Last night some of us girls got together and had a Sips 'n Strokes night! We started off with mexican and then made our way to paint! It was SO much fun! Can't wait to get together with them again soon!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sweet Baby Bella

Yesterday our good friends Robby & Niki had a precious baby girl named Bella!! She is so pretty! This is a pic Robby took with his phone, I just had to post it! Look at those cheeks! I am going to visit them today and of course I have my camera so I will post pics soon! I am SO happy for them, they are going to be great parents! I know they have already realized children are such a blessing!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Havin some fun with my boys

Today when we got up I told my hubby I wanted to do something fun so we asked DD what he wanted to do and he said he wanted to ride the 4wheeler. So, we decided to go to my hubby's hunting club and ride around. It was absolutely beautiful!! We saw one doe on the way in and we saw several turkeys and a few hawks, we even saw a fox squirrel! We rode for about 2 hours and Dylan was so excited!! Once we got home Dylan wanted to ride his 4wheeler. We have stayed outside all day, it was perfect! I had so much fun spending the day with my boys, I love days like these!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

What to do on a rainy day??

So it has been raining nonstop since we woke up this morning. I knew Dylan would start going stir crazy b/c he LOVES to be outside!! I swear this kid could live out there if you would let him! I tried to think of something that would be fun and we already had the coloring episode which he loved but I was afraid he would end up coloring my whole house so we put those up for another rainy! I asked Dylan what he wanted to do and he said "I wanna paint my hand Mama". So that is just what we did! He LOVES doing his handprints it tickles him when I paint his hands I love to see him smile! He picked out all the colors he wanted to use and he started laughing with that silly laugh and said "I so excited Mama!" We had fun and I think it turned out so where to put it! Hope everyone has enjoyed this lazy day!

"Wook what I did Mama"

So, Dylan was quietly playing in his room. I left him to color while I folded some clothes in the living room....I should have known better. All of a sudden I heard, "Wook what I did Mama", he ran in the living room and this is what I saw. So, he told me to come in his room and I picked up my camera on the way b/c I just had to take a picture. Thank goodness they were washable markers and came right out!! Silly boy!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Good times

These are some pics I took of the kids this weekend! NayNay always rides Momo's 4wheeler and DD & Booger wanted to ride. Momo told them ok but be careful and don't go too fast! They were so excited!! Jodie said, "Are ya'll crazy letting her drive them around?" She did great with them! They had a blast, it's funny how the little things mean the most to kids! I know they will remember that moment forever!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Soccer fun!

Playin on the playground

Playin hard

NayNay's cheerleaders

Today we went to Savanna's game and had a great time! Dylan played with Stefy on the playground. Then, we watched Savanna play soccer! It was such a great day! We had fun!

Best friends

Dylan saw his best buddy Mims at the ballpark today and I just had to take a pic! They are so funny together! They play so good together and from day one of daycare they have been best friends! I can't wait to show them this pic when they get older!

Booger's t-ball game

Today Dylan & I went to watch Booger play t-ball and it was so much fun!! It is so cute to watch them play! Booger is so funny! I can't wait for Dylan to play next year!!

Fish, fish!

The kids wanted to see the fish Momo caught today and Dylan wanted to hold it! I had to get a pic of that and then the kids took turns holding it too! NayNay was a chicken she wouldn't do it!!

Havin some fun at MiMi's

Just a playin

DD & Maddie Grace

Sweet girl

This afternoon we went to MiMi's and the kids played outside...I love this time of year!! Maddie Grace is getting so big, she is all over the place and she acts so silly! Dylan loves holding her hand and walking with her! She can't keep up with him yet, but she will soon!! It was nice to spend time with my family, I love them so much!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

~Sweet Baby Khloe~

Isn't she precious??

Meeting Baby Khloe for the first time:)

Recently my friend Kacey had a precious baby girl named Khloe:) She weighed 8lbs 3oz and was 21 inches long! She is so pretty and I loved getting to spend time with her! She was so alert and was raising her head up like she was already grown!! Kacey is a good friend of mine and her husband Brian is my husbands cousin, they are very sweet people! I am so happy for them, I know they are so proud of their precious little angel!! I hope to get by there this weekend to get a family shot and a few more of sweet Baby Khloe!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Savanna's 9 year pics

So today I took my precious niece's 9 year pics and oh did we have fun!! We all had such a good time! I can't believe she is already 9 years old!! She is the sweetest girl and I am proud to say I am her aunt, I love her so much!!

Maddie with her Daddy

So, Quinn already posted this pic to her blog but I just had to post it to mine! Quinn was just snapping some pics while Brad was messing with his tractor, I think it is so sweet! I put my personal touch on the editing and I love it!! This little girl loves her Daddy!

~Sweet Maddie Grace~

So, of course I wanted to take some pics of my precious niece...and I did! Imagine that!! She is getting so big, I love it! Although she is walking now she wasn't feeling it so I got several of her sitting which was fine with me! She was 14 months old yesterday and it is so hard to believe! They grow too fast! She is the sweetest baby I know, she is just precious! I love seeing Dylan with her, he loves her so much!

Havin fun with friends

So, today was perfect! The weather was absolutely beautiful!! Shannon, Katelyn, Quinn & Maddie came over and we had such a great time! We started off by eating lunch and then we stayed outside and enjoyed the day! We all had so much fun! I am so excited about having more days like these, I love pretty days!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter 2010

Looking at what the Easter bunny brought

Mommy & DD are ready for church

Having some fun

All the kids hunting Easter eggs

My little DD

My sweet boy

We had such a wonderful day on Easter Sunday!! We started off by going to church and it was a great service!! Then, we went to Aunt Freida's and had a fish was something different that we all decided to do but it was so good! It was fun watching all the kids hunt Easter eggs! Once we got home we enjoyed an afternoon nap and when we got up we went to see MiMi! It was such a great day! I hope everyone had a great Easter!