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Sunday, March 21, 2010

~Happy Birthday MiMi~

DD & his MiMi

Opening her gifts

She loved it!

Havin fun at the river

DD checkin things out

Quinner & me with our angels

Feeding the fish

We had fun

Although today is MiMi's birthday, we celebrated yesterday by going to see my Aunt Ann at the river! We knew it would be yucky today and we wanted to be able to enjoy the day and that is just what we did! We started off by eating a good lunch and then we took the kids to feed the fish! Maddie Grace was scared but Dylan was fearless! We had such a great day and MiMi loved her gifts! Dylan & Maddie Grace loved on her all day! They love their MiMi SOOO much! Happy Birthday MiMi, you mean the world to us! We all love you very much!


The Coleman Family said...

I really enjoyed our time at the river! I just wish that it would have been a little warmer! Hopefully it will work out so we can get Easter pics made! I will cross my fingers and hope that the kids cooperate!Lol!!!

Christie Mitchell said...

Your pics are so sweet!! Thank you for my comment, that girl is something else :)

Melissa said...

You are such an amazing photog! The pic you have at the top of the blog is adorable and should be on the cover of a magazine!!!!!!! Dylan would get away with murder at my house with that sweet face!