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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


2009-2010 Current #1 Record Rocky Mountain Elk taken with a Rifle on Las Catarinas Ranch in Kerr County, Texas. Scores 420 6/8 B&C, 1st in the World TGR for the 2009 Scoring Season, and 6th all time for Estate Elk.

This is the elk that my friend Fuller killed yesterday!! It's HUGE!! Jerry & Judy are like family to me! They have been in Texas on a hunting trip! He has been wanting to get a big elk to mount! Well...he definitely got the elk, but this thing is so big I don't even know how they will get it through the!! Not only was it a world record, but also the 6th estate elk to ever be killed. It's also a #1 record using a rifle! I just had to share this, it is awesome!


Melissa Irvin said...

Oh my goodness! That thing is huge!! But that is awesome!