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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday pics

Today I cooked lunch for my family and we enjoyed the day! It was so beautiful outside so I took Maddie and snapped a few pics! She is such a sweet baby and she will clap her hands now, it is so cute! If you hold her hands, she will pull herself up, she is getting so big! She is all over the place! Dylan was asleep, so I took some of him later this afternoon! He had a great time playing outside and acting silly as always! My baby is getting so big! He says everything in sentences and it amazes me how much he understands things and he is only 2! He will see a car just like his Daddy's and say..."Daddy's truck". He also has this toy that has all of these instruments and sounds on it and there is a violin on it and he said, "NayNay has that". He has only seen her violin once and it was a while ago. Kids are so smart! Today was such a great day, I love my family so much!