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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween '09

I finally got a chance to upload some pics from Halloween! We had the best time! We started off going to the fall festival at Crossroads with Nonnie & Poppie! MiMi, Quinn, Brad & Maddie met us there! They looked so cute in their little outfits! Due to the weather, the church had decided to move everything in the gym and although it was fun, it was crowded! So, needless to say I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted to! Dylan enjoyed the face painting, the ducks and even tried the inflatables! That didn't last long though! As soon as the bigger kids got in there he was out in a flash! I think Dylan's favorite part was the food...he loved the hotdogs & boiled peanuts!! My friends, Staci & Joe brought their two little munchkins! Dylan's cousin, Peyton came and Dylan's friend Mason came too...we all had such a great time! Once we got home Jason, Ashley & Jacob stopped by! I had to get some pics of their precious dog, Daisy! Her little outfit was so cute! After a long nap from all the excitement we went to Valley Creek for their 'Trunk or Treat', it was so much fun! Dylan really enjoyed it b/c he could run around and we got to see a lot of people that we know! Jodie & Joey had the cutest theme for their trunk and they placed 2nd! Jodie's mom put her chili in the contest and it won! All the food was great! Dylan got to see a lot of his cousins, it was nice to spend time with our family! Halloween 2009 was a lot of fun...we are already planning for next year!


The Coleman Family said...

I love the pics!! On the other hand I look like a fat cow!! Wow lets see what the next 8 months bring ha! ha! Love you!!

Melissa Irvin said...

DD and Maddie looked so cute! I loved that idea!
Trevor, Dylan and Mason crack me up! They wanted nothing to do with each other! LOL And Trevor looked so pitiful!
I'm glad ya'll had a great Halloween! We'll have to get together soon!