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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Blowing out the candles

Opening presents

Having fun with family

Yesterday was my hubby's 30th birthday! We got him an ice cream cake from DQ, it was so good! Dylan made him a frame with camou and his handprints in bright orange! I thought it was perfect considering Jeremy is a really big hunter! Dylan was so proud and could not wait to show his Daddy! Of course, Jeremy loved it! Dylan sang Happy Birthday to him and helped him blow out his candles! It was the sweetest thing! He loves his Daddy so much! We invited Joey, Jodie & the kids over for cake! Savanna made her Uncle Momo a sign that said, "I LOVE YOU", it was so sweet! They are two of a kind! Today was Jodie's birthday and we went over to visit for a little while! I didn't get any pictures, but she has had a really good birthday too! Dylan wanted to sign his name in her card and she just loved that! Dylan loves his Aunt JoJo! Happy Birthday Daddy, we love you so much!!


Christie Mitchell said...

Thank you so much!! On that one of Kyndle it was one of the "effects"...I wish I could remember which one. I always just sit around and play with them and afterwards I am like how in the world did I just do that lol. That Photoshop is something else...I know it will do sooo much more than what I know about. I wish I had time to take those classes. I can only imagine editing all the pictures you took...Cat said you took like 600!!!! OMG!! I know you love April. I hope you have a great Sunday as well :)