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Friday, August 27, 2010

Just a pouting

So, this is my little DD pouting. It actually happens quite often so I had to get a picture. I wanted him to show me his new tennis shoes I bought him. **Another great deal I found**(Joe's New Balance Outlet for $20) His Daddy was at our neighbors house. DD wanted to walk over to see our neighbor but Jeremy had already walked back over to our house so this is what made him pout. He was too upset to even show off his new shoes that he LOVES! Kids are so funny!


The Davidson's said...

Gotta love it !!! Still cute as a button even when he pouts :)
Thank y'all for coming lastnight and I can't wait until the ride either !! Hope you have a great weekend ~

Chris, Nichole & Colby! said...

Awww.. Just wait they still pout at 11.. lol Thanks for the blog address.. Have a great weekend.