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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dylan's 1st Monster Truck Show!

Last night we took Dylan to his 1s Monster Truck show and he loved it! My brother-in-law & sister-in-law also went and took Stefy, Savanna & Joseph! We all had the best time! I think Jodie & I enjoyed it more than everybody else did! One of the trucks wrecked and that is the part Dylan keeps telling everyone about! He did so good! Joey & Jodie said that they had never seen Dylan sit that still before, he was amazed! Everything was there that he loves, trucks, tractors & 4wheelers!! It was definitely worth it! I just wish I would have gotten better pictures, oh well it's the best I could do with my phone!


Melissa Irvin said...

I'm jealous! We wanted to take Mason, but it's the last weekend of hunting at Derek's hunting club, so he wanted to go to that and I didn't want to go to the show by myself, but Mason would have loved it too!

One of the trucks was set up at Auto Zone Thursday for people to take pictures with, but that was the wet snow day, so we didn't go. That would have made a good picture of Dylan with it to display at his party!!

Hopefully we can go next year!