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Thursday, January 7, 2010

So much for the snow...

Well, I took off today b/c Dylan's daycare was closed due to the snow that everyone thought was coming! We got excited a few times b/c we thought it was about to really snow and by the time we got all of our layers on and started to walk outside, it stopped! These are the only pics I got, but we had a great time today! I love having lazy days like these with my little man!


Melissa Irvin said...

We never let Mason go outside. If it had actually snowed and stuck, then we would have been out there for sure, but there was no sense in it. We've been homebodies a lot lately b/c I don't want to get him out and get sick.
I hate the boys got so excited over nothing! When Mason first realized it was snowing, he told us that Santa Claus is coming and that he wanted to build a snowman head! HAHA!