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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dylan's & Maddie's 1st sleep over!

We were all at MiMi's last night and Quinn had been to the doctor and she found out she had sinusitis & bronchitis. They also gave her 2 shots & lots of medicine to take. So, I offered to keep Maddie Grace so she could get a good nights sleep! I bathed her and put one of DD's t-shirts on her since she didn't have ny pj's with her! The kids had such a good time and Maddie was a little angel! It was different having another baby here but we managed just fine! They were so sweet when they woke up. They sat in the recliner and watched cartoons together, it was so sweet! I know it would be tough with two kids but I am wanting another one more and more each day!!


The Coleman Family said...

Awww! I know Maddie really enjoyed herself! DD is alot of entertainment for quiet little Maddie! I know it was alot of work but I really appreciate all you do! Love you sis!