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Thursday, February 11, 2010

DD's 3 year appt

Yesterday I took Dylan for his 3 year appointment and with all that has been going on with I was thankful that he wasn't going to have to get any shots! Dr. Hale said everything looked good and he was very healthy. He is 36 1/2 inches tall and weighs 30.6 lbs. I am sure he lost at least a couple of lbs since he has been sick. Dr. Hale said he has grown 4 inches in a year which he was very impressed with! My baby is getting so big! As Dr. Hale started going through his chart he realized that Dylan had not had one of his shots that their was a shortage of from his 15 month and 2 year shot. So, guess poor buddy had to have a shot and it was pitiful! It's one thing when you're baby is too little to know it's coming or even what it is but when they are 3 they know. He said, "What is her doin?" and I told him that she was giving him something to keep him from getting sick. When she stuck him he started crying and said, "Mama, her hurt me!" It just broke my heart! But he got better after she gave him a sucker and sticker! He showed everybody his boo-boo for the rest of the day! He is getting so big...I am so ready for another one:) Maybe someone can talk my husband into us having another one b/c I am not having any luck!!


Melissa Irvin said...

Poor DD! I hate that! Like the past two times Mason has been to the dr, as soon as we get called back, he starts crying! I feel so bad that it has traumatized him! At his 1yr check up, he had to give a urine sample, so they stuck the little bag around his weenie, and when they pulled it off it pulled his privates with it! I about lost it! Hurting my baby like that! Ever since then, he knows something's gonna happen!