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Thursday, February 11, 2010

~Happy 1st Birthday Maddie Grace~

Yesterday was Maddie Grace's 1st birthday! We went to visit her after Dylan's doctors appt and I took a few pictures of the birthday girl! She was so sweet! It is hard to believe she is already one!! It seems like yesterday I was holding her for the first time! She is the sweetest baby and we have all been so blessed to have her in our lives! I love that Dylan & Maddie are so close and that they will grow up together! She is walking a few steps at a time but she isn't completely walking yet! I told Quinn she doesn't want to rush it! When you tell her "Hey" or "Bye bye" she will wave the sweetest Miss America wave, it the cutest thing! Last night we went to MiMi's for dinner and Quinn made a pie for Maddie and lit her "1" candle and sang Happy Birthday...she just smiled! We love her so much! Happy 1st Birthday Maddie Grace!!


The Coleman Family said...

Soo sweet! I just love them! I really enjoyed spending the day with you and DD! I wish that you could stay home too. Love ya'll

Melissa Irvin said...

She's such a cutie!! I love the way her hair flips out in the back! I hope she enjoyed her pie better than she did her cake!
Happy Birthday Maddie Grace!!