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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snow Day 2.12.10

I love my family!

We had fun

All the kids

The view from our back deck

Attempting to build a snowman

Jodie & Jeremy having a snowball fight

I was so excited to get off of work early so I could enjoy the snow with my family! We all got outside and had a good time! Jeremy & all the kids tried to make us a snowman but it kept falling apart! Oh well, they had fun trying! The best part was watching Jeremy & my sister-in-law have a snowball fight...they do this every time it snows! It was hilarious! Dylan still isn't crazy about the snow but my nephew loved it this year and was running around hitting everybody with snowballs! The day would not be complete without fixing some snow ice cream and it was yummy!! After all the fun we came in and relaxed by the fire...nothing better than that! I hope everyone enjoyed their snow day too!