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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas at Aunt Mel's

Everybody meeting Maddie Grace

Spending time wth Nana

They loved MG

Mary Kate helping Maddie open her gifts

DD loved all his gifts

We all had fun

Last weekend we got together with my Aunt Mel and family! I love getting together with them, I only wish we could get together more often! We started by meeting at the assisted living place where my Nana is. She is doing ok, but it is obvious she is getting older. She was able to open all her gifts and when we asked if she liked them she says, "Yes". My Aunt Mel says that Nana doesn't know who any of us are but she lit up like a Christmas tree when we all walked in so I know we were familiar to her. After we spent some time with my Nana we all went to my Aunt Mel's and enjoyed a tasty lunch! Everybody just ate up Maddie Grace! Mary Kate would not put her down, she was so good with her! All the kids opened gifts and my Aunt Mel did a Disney theme for each child which I thought was very creative! My half sister Heather did a great job too, she got Dylan a cool gift from Snoozy's kids and he LOVED it!! Even though everyone loved their gifts, that part doesn't even matter to me b/c all I look forward to every year is spending time with them! My half sisters husband is in a band called Lavalamp and my Aunt Mel had asked him to bring his guitar so we could all sing Christmas carols. He didn't do that but he did bring cd's that their band had just made and I even got him to sign it for me! He is so funny and I am so glad he got to get together with us this year! We had a great time like we do every year, I love my family!


The Coleman Family said...

I had fun except for the ride there and back lol!! I really enjoyed seeing everyone and got such a kick out of the girls with Maddie!! I am glad that we got to see our sweet Nana!! Love You!!