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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Fun times with friends

The other night Jeremy's best friend came over. I was so excited b/c Cathy & Kyleigh came too and I just knew that Dylan & Kyleigh would play and have the best time! Quinn & Maddie Grace were here too and Kyleigh just loved her! She kept hugging her, it was the sweetest thing! Dylan & Kevin had fun building blocks! We all laughed watching Kevin, he was like a little kid! It was nice having them all over, we had a good time!


The Davidson's said...

Awe ! These pictures are so sweet!
I think I need to buy Kevin some blocks for Christmas haha ! Kyleigh really had a great time , and so did we. Hope yall have a very Merry Christmas!!

Christie Mitchell said...

That is my sweet girl right there. I love it, she will give lovin' and huggin' on demand!! She wrapped her arms around me the other night and just squeezed, she is a sweetheart. It looks like they had a lot of fun together.

The Hall's said...

thanks for the comment! I hope you guys have a Very Merry Christmas!