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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas with my family

DD opening his gifts

MG loved her gifts

Maddie Grace got some cute clothes

They had fun

I love my family

We got together a week ago to celebrate Christmas with my family! Everybody came to my house this year and we really enjoyed it! We ate some great food and had a great time! Maddie Grace got So many cute things! She is so blessed! I don't know where they will put it all! Although she got lots of toys that make noise and baby dolls her favorite thing was Dylan's monster truck and! Her Daddy was so proud! Quinn says she is going to buy her a truck for her b'day! I guess she is used to all of Dylan's toys! Dylan got some great gifts too! His favorite was the monster truck that Aunt Quinn got him! He loved opening all his gifts! I love my family so much!


The Coleman Family said...

We had a great time!! I am glad we got together at your house this year!! I really do think that I am going to get Maddie some trucks for her birthday!! Who would've thought that she would like DD's toys more than hers?! Love Ya'll