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Saturday, December 11, 2010

My work Christmas dinner

The other night we all celebrated my dear friend Jerry Fuller at his retirement party! There were so many people there that love him! He has been with the credit union for 38 years and will be retiring in January! He is actually the one who asked me to come wirh with the credit union over 13 years ago, he is so special to me! It was a good time with some great people! After that we went to Zea's at Brookwood Village for our annual Christmas party! We had so much fun and the food was great! I am so blessed to work with such wonderful people!


The Coleman Family said...

Gotta love Fuller!! Looks like ya'll had fun..and you looked always and so did LeAnn...I am loving the jacket!!

LeAnn said...

awwe. thank you Quinner!! :) so sweet you are!